Clydebank Housing Association demonstrated the value of regular data digitisation when their brand new office burned to the ground, destroying all paper documents inside.

“We had already decided to become a paperless office and we had employed Capture All to transfer all our older paper records onto CD. So for example all our information on the 755 properties we took over from Scottish Homes in 1999 was saved.”

Fiona Webster


In March 2002, Clydebank Housing Association moved to a brand new office. Eight days later it burned to the ground. By any measure, this was a disaster. However, some careful planning kept their business afloat.


“We lost all the paper,” says Fiona Webster, Clydebank Housing Association’s Director. “All the registers and certificates are gone. We recovered the Seal, but it was just a lump of melted metal.

“But absolutely without fail we took a backup of all the data on the server, every night, and a member of staff took it home. We also managed to recover the server’s hard disk from the wreckage.

“We had ensured that all of the important phone numbers - staff, contractors, systems administrators - were available off site and that helped us get organized in the Recovery Suite, an office on a Bellshill industrial estate where we were able to set up a temporary base. In the end many of the tenants didn't notice any change in their service.”

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