Once documents have been scanned and indexed we will securely deliver them electronically or physically.

Throughout each stage of the process, from collection to delivery and storage, we guarantee the rigorousness of our approach, with quality control built into every element of the operation.

Our Process

If an electronic delivery is required, this can be achieved via secure FTP. For utmost security each transfer has its own unique password created by a member of our team.

Alternatively, a secure physical delivery is available via CD or an encrypted hard drive. As per FTP, each job copied to an encrypted hard drive has its own unique password.

For complete security, the files on our top of the range hard drives are only accessible after the password has been keyed. Without the password the drives are completely inaccessible and unreadable.

As ever, we securely deliver the CDs and hard drives only via our own drivers. The CDs and hard drives are transferred to our van within the walls of our secure and locked warehouse and only taken out when they reach the client’s premises.

Or, if you would rather store your documents yourself, our drivers can return your documents directly to you.

Security Guaranteed

From collection, the material is safely and securely stored in a purpose-built facility, and once the confidential scanning and archiving process is complete, and all the data stored on disk and, if you choose, a server, all material will be retained for an agreed period.

We will then seek written permission for the documents to be safely disposed of via our secure shredding processes followed by pulping. A certificate of destruction is supplied on request.

We assume the responsibility for your paperwork, its uplift, scanning, archiving and delivery or destruction, allowing you to focus on your own business needs.

Our information management process is accredited to ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

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Our Process





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