Biggart Baillie LLP (now known as DWF following the merger between DWF and Biggart Baillie LLP in July 2012) is one of the country’s leading law firms. In December 2006, Capture All was appointed as the firm’s provider of secure document scanning.


Biggart Baillie required regular digitising of all their documents. Access to these documents was often required as soon as possible because of their ongoing use. Additionally, 250 users required concurrent access to the document database.


As an economical alternative to hard copy storage, the firm’s closed case files are uplifted from both offices on a weekly basis. They are then scanned and the electronic files are returned to the firm on encrypted drives. With over 250 users requiring continual access to the scanned files, Capture All has provided a multi-user concurrent access licence for Alchemy search and retrieval software.

Our normal turnaround for this process is between 3 and 5 working days, however where files are required urgently, they are priority scanned and made available for download through Capture All’s Doc Vault facility which is accessed via our website.

All the scanned documentation is highly confidential and Capture All is responsible for the secure disposal of the paperwork.

Biggart Baillie has recently implemented a new document management system - Autonomy iManage. All previously scanned data has been sucessfully extracted from Alchemy and imported to the new software.

The scanning service for both Glasgow and Edinburgh offices, has been in place since 2006. Approximately 10 million documents have been scanned, indexed and submitted to a database using Alchemy.

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